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Happy Star Trek day! New drawing! Shamy as Spo…

Happy Star Trek day! 

New drawing! Shamy as Spock and Uhura (from the new movies!) Swipe to see the full drawing.

Kind of a new version of the drawing I did 2 years ago (check my stories to see it, @aprilinparisfanfic posted it yesterday, as it’s related to her star trek themed fanfiction).

I need to thank @rom4n16 as well for reminding me about this day or I would not have enough time to do this drawing!)

Hope you like it! if you did, give me some love and maybe a comment!!

Live long and prosper! 🖖🏻

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“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

1rst drawing is a giveaway for @stellina2a I did on January 2018 + the silly sequence is something I sketched on November 2016, after 10×8 was aired. LOL

We all thought about this alternative RIGHT? *fans herself*. Sorry really old sketches, but they makes me laugh, I hope I made you laugh as well.

Have a good Sunday


2018 vs 2015 😱 I Just redraw a new version of…

2018 vs 2015 😱 I Just redraw a new version of my very first Shamy drawing (2015) Swipe to see it

What I drew vs what I wanted to draw lol

You can notice those were my work notes, it’s where all started!!

Have a good #fanartfriday!



IT’S S12 TAPING NIGHT! (drawing from January 2…

IT’S S12 TAPING NIGHT! (drawing from January 2017 btw) 

Season 12 is almost here! 1st taping today!! ISN’T THIS EXCITING?? *dogs howling in the background* (read that part as Bernadette lol.)

Have fun if you are able to attend *jealous mode on*

Please don’t send me big spoilers, If I want to know, I will search by myself. Remember to be kind with people who wants to remain unspoiled ok? We are all excited!

Have fun and happy taping!


‪Love 🌟 

‪Love 🌟 

I did a little animation of the stars on IG, do you like it?? Let me know in the comments!!‬ 

‪“Searching for the secrets of the universe, they will find something unexpected. In any universe, they will find each other, not matter how, where or when.”‬

‪I had this idea yesterday and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. Dedicated to all our AU fanfictions writers!‬ ‪

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Shamy wedding timelapse sneak peek! The origin…

Shamy wedding timelapse sneak peek! The original video is 13 min long!

Instead of reposting the drawing again, I thought on showing a little how I did it! Made with @procreate

Season 12 is almost here! They started yesterday and I can’t wait to know more!! 🎉

Thanks for your support! 💕

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Swan Princess 🐦💕😍  Who is ready to see marr…

Swan Princess 🐦💕😍  Who is ready to see married Shamy working on Super Asymmetry and doing beautiful science together??? woohoo

Guess who rewatched the last episodes of s11 yesterday? I had to repost! So many feelings! You look like a pile of swans! My heart!

Enjoy your day! Working on more drawings and cuting stickers for all my patrons! get yours —>

Shamy as Amaterasu ☀️ & Tsukuyomi 🌙 

Shamy as Amaterasu ☀️ & Tsukuyomi 🌙 

I’m fascinated for the idea the winner of this giveaway asked me to draw. He suggested to draw Amy as Amaterasu (aka Sun God) and Sheldon as Tsukuyomi (aka Moon God). This is from Japanese Shinto mythology. I had to do some research, as I don’t know anything about mythology, and I did my own interpretation and I have to say that I loved it so much. Japan and Shamy? My fav mix! Also please, can we appreciate Amy as a Japanese Goddess? I’m melting, I want to marry my drawing lol. But instead, I will send my original to @ezequielarregui , enjoy it! a pleasure to draw it for you.

If you want an original drawing like this with your idea, check

Happy fanart friday 😊

Sheldon flash tshirt 👍 #imwithjoe

Sheldon flash tshirt 👍 #imwithjoe

Today was @joesteiger birthday, so I want to share again one of the drawings I did for him. Swipe to see the pic he took with the original sheldon’s tshirt, the one @therealjimparsons wore, and the one I drew.

Joe wrote:  “I won @rgbcn’s color drawing giveaway on Patreon. It was kind of difficult deciding what do have Regina draw. I decided on having her draw Sheldon wearing the t-shirt @TheMelissaRauch, @MissMayim, Simon, and the other wonderful people at @BigBangTheory_CBS gave me, when I was too sick to attend the taping last year. (wore in season 6 episode 15 “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation”) Regina took it to a whole nother level surprising me by having Sheldon doing my trademark thumbs up.👍(My bad covering it up holding it lol) I LOVE IT! Thank you so much Regina!”


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