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ANIME TBBT (2017) —> One of my bonus for to…

ANIME TBBT (2017) —> One of my bonus for tomorrow rewards on

Girls from February 2017 and Boys from May 2017. I want an anime of tbbt soooo bad. And I want to do a comic book myself. Can I do that? Can I can I???

Imagine a manga of them, imagine fanfictions illustrated! omg I want to do it all.

Do you want me to do it???????  LOL, I would need to quit my job for that, I don’t have enough time. But it’s one of my goals!!!

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New Fic… Unsteady *give me your two cents?*

I know I should be working on Mini Cooper but this idea was born a few weeks ago. Do let me know what you think and if I should continue. Read under the cut. This is still a draft, will be editing and adding more contents to it. This should be a short story. 🙂 I will still be working on Mini Cooper but I need more time for that. Thanks for your understanding. 


Hold. Hold on. Hold on to me. Cause I’m a little unsteady.

If you love me, don’t let go.

What if Dave Gibbs was not a gentleman Amy thought he was. What if Sheldon was too late. Could Sheldon and Amy become one again? Set after Season 9, episode 10. AU. Explore several sensitive themes.

“Hi, is this Penny Hofstadter?” Penny replied a quick “yes” and frowned as she studied her company new medicine brochures for her test a few days later. “I am calling from Huntington Hospital.” The caller identified herself as a staff from Huntington Hospital. Fear coursed down Penny’s spine as she thought of the worst. “Is Leonard okay?” she asked, “is he involved in a car accident? Is he badly injured? Oh my god, we’re supposed to celebrate our third anniversary this weekend.” She rambled without giving the caller a chance to reply. The caller waited patiently before speaking when Penny finally stopped. “Mrs. Hofstadter, we are calling you because you’re listed as an emergency contact for Ms. Amy Farrah Fowler. Ms. Fowler was admitted to the hospital for observation.”

Penny heaved a sigh of relief when she knew that Leonard was safe. Her relief was only momentarily when she realised they called her because of Amy. It had been almost two years since she last saw or heard from Amy. She stopped contacting Amy. It was a decision she made when she saw how broken Sheldon was when he returned to the apartment after running out realising Amy was the dryer sheet to his heart. Sheldon was shaking and crying when he walked into the apartment weakly. Both Leonard and she were surprised to see a shaken Sheldon. They fully expected Amy and Sheldon to reconcile. Sheldon refused to tell them what happen between Amy and him. He only told them it was simply impossible between them. Both Leonard and she took two weeks to coax Sheldon out of his room. While President Siebert was more than happy that Sheldon clearing his required accumulated leave, but he did mention that if Sheldon did not return after his leave, he would not hesitate to fire Sheldon.

When Sheldon finally came out of his room after much coaxing, he was dishevelled, his face full of moustache, dirty and his knuckles were bloodied and bruised from hitting the floor. His room was a huge mess. Photos of Amy and he were torn into confetti, the Koala plushy Amy got him when they visited the zoo for his Birthday last year was ripped apart. The family heirloom ring was sent back to his mother with a message that he would no longer need it. Everything which reminded him of Amy was destroyed. Leonard said it was worse than the clowder of cats Sheldon acquired when Amy and he decided to end their friendship for the first time. Leonard had never seen Sheldon this despondent before and he was scared. Leonard gently pulled Sheldon into a hug and Sheldon broke down again, sobbing his heart out. After sobbing his heart out, he returned to being Sheldon, the Sheldon before Amy, cold, egotistical, selfish, arrogant and condescending. He refused to talk about Amy and what had happened when he rushed to her apartment. He simply stated that he had no control if they continue to be Amy’s friend, but he simply refused to be in the same room with Amy. The group slowly drifted away from Amy. Bernadette did try to stay in contact, but her efforts went down the drain. Amy vanished from their group and Caltech. Her department head, after much coercion from Bernadette, revealed that Amy quitted with an email, stating that she was not in a good mental state to continue her research and wished Caltech to release her from contract obligations. Bernadette continued to look for Amy, but eventually gave up when she was pregnant with Halley. She was confined to strict bedrest as her OBGYN diagnosed her with Placenta Previa beginning of her third trimester. No one knew where Amy was, and no one dared to ask. They only knew that Sheldon was devastated and to avoid Sheldon to spiral into a deep abyss again, they knew better to mention Amy in front of Sheldon. Slowly, Amy was forgotten by them.

“Mrs. Hofstadter, do you mind coming down to the hospital? We’re unable to contact Ms. Fowler’s first emergency contact, Mr. Sheldon Cooper.” It was a surprise to her that she remained as Amy’s emergency contact, but she was more surprised that Sheldon was still Amy’s first emergency contact. “Dr. Cooper is currently not in Pasadena. What happened to Dr. Fowler?” she could not help but to correct the staff who got their salutations wrong. “Dr. Fowler,” the staff quickly corrected herself, “had committed suicide by swallowing large amount of sleeping pills. We will not be able to discharge her in her current mental state. We can only discharge her if there is a guardian to take care of her. If Dr. Cooper is not available, could you make the trip down to Huntington Hospital?”

She almost dropped her iPhone to the floor when she heard that Amy had committed suicide. The Amy she knew would never commit suicide because Amy told her once that regardless how depressed she was, she would never consider ending her life. If she had considered it, she would have killed herself numerous of times for being an outcast or bullied. “Yes… yes… I… can be there… in thirty minutes.” She stammered. “Thanks, Mrs. Hofstadter. You can contact me when you reach the hospital.” The hospital staff thanked her and hung up the phone.

Penny still could not process the piece of information she just received. “Amy. Hospital. Suicide.” She frowned. Suddenly, she felt a kick in her stomach. “Oh, baby. Mummy is all right. I am just a little worried.” She caressed her huge swell gently. She was due in two months. Leonard and she had been trying for a baby for a year and a half. They realised they were getting older and Leonard suggested one night that they could try for a baby. She thought why not. While getting pregnant was easy for them but keeping the baby beyond the first trimester was proven to be difficult. Her OBGYN told her she was super fertile, but her body rejected the foetus, thus resulting in her miscarriage.

She remembered the first time when sat on the toilet bowl waiting for the result. She chewed on her fingers while waiting and shouted at Leonard irritably when he kept asking if she had peed on the test kit outside the toilet. She yelped in excitement when she finally opened her eyes when there were two distinct blue lines on the test kit. Leonard had barged into the bathroom when she screamed. Tears were streaming down his face when she shared him the result. They hugged for a very long time. Sheldon shared their excitement and was quick to claim godfathership. They had plans to visit an OBGYN introduced by Beverly that weekend, but their happiness was short-lived when she woke up late at night with blood between her legs. Initially, she thought she had wet herself. Her nose was assaulted by a thick scent of metallic. She cried when she found the liquid between her legs were red instead of pale yellow. Sheldon and Leonard sent her to the hospital when the doctor told her she was miscarrying. Sheldon sang Soft Kitty to her as her body flushed her foetus out. Leonard squeezed her hands, giving her support. After a few months, she found herself pregnant, but fate played a cruel prank on her. She only realised she was pregnant when was having extreme abdominal pains and heavy bleeding. Her doctor told her she was experiencing a miscarriage. It became increasing weary for both Leonard and her when she realised she was pregnant. They were both afraid and disappointed that each pregnancy did not last beyond the first trimester. Leonard wanted to give up, no longer wanting to subject her through the ordeal. She agreed as it was too painful for her. A miracle happened when they stopped trying. They did not dare to celebrate when she passed the first trimester. There was a possibility of late-term miscarriage. They only revealed to the gang when she passed the second trimester. The gang knew about her pregnancy as her eating habits changed and she was wearing loose-fitting dresses to conceal her bump. They had a small celebration and Sheldon offered to move to apartment 4B so they could change his room to the nursery.

She knew that she could not go to the hospital alone as it reminded her the nights she spent there when her body rejected the foetus. She had to call Leonard to accompany her to the hospital.

Lenny First Date – Timelapse (made with Procre…

Lenny First Date – Timelapse (made with Procreate):

Lenny first date

Hey! remember you can download the outlines and color this drawing for my #colormergbcn contest here

Curios of how I did my version? here’s the video! You can see it on youtube or here too

In this case I did the oultines in brown and colored directly. My Shamy one is different, I will share the video soon for you too.

I’m loving so much all your versions! Thanks for participating! You still can do it until the 22th! I will share my favs on a post here!

Enjoy it!

Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Bob Newhart, John…

Jim Parsons,

Kaley Cuoco, Bob Newhart,
Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Stan Lee, Jim Par…

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Stan Lee, Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki

Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki

Pokémon Gang #bigbangtheory #fanart #pokemon

Pokémon Gang #bigbangtheory #fanart #pokemon

“You have names for our breakups?”

“Well, they would really blur together if we didn’t.”

“The Comic-Con breakup’s easy to remember because Leonard was the saddest Pikachu.”

I know they said Sheldon was cosplaying Darth Vader, but I couldn’t help myself to imagine if Leonard was dressed as Pikachu then….

— Sheldon as Charmander 🔥

— Howard as Squirtle💦

— Raj as Bulbasaur (the cutest!)🍃

(For instagram, swipe to extra bonus! Idea from my patrons, sorry it’s a rough sketch)

— Penny as Ash (she’s gonna catch that pikachu 💕)

— Amy as Brock (she is still wondering why she dress as a guy, with pants and stuff, but she saw a charmander wondering around….)

— Bernadette as Misty (with togepi) because she like water pokemon right? There’s a wild squirtle to take care around. bonus x2 will be Halley as Togepi (again my patrons suggestions haha)

I hope I made you laugh! have a nice day!