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‪1 WEEK LEFT!! Hey there, Lluís and Regina here 🤓👋 Please read below for some announcements:‬

‪In case you don’t know, next Friday we will be flying to Los Angeles! We are so excited, overwhelmed, nervous and impatient to go! So many things to prepare for the trip! We are a little stressed lol.‬

‪For this reason, I’ll be reposting more old drawings. I’m preparing some reposts for the time we will be staying in USA. I will not be posting new drawings during a few weeks, I hope you understand! In case I draw something new, I will post, but can’t promise I will have time to draw, as we will be travelling and visiting new places! Do you want me to post some pics of my travel as well? Let me know.‬

‪For my patrons during March, I will prepare my new drawings + a bonus recap of all the drawings they are asking me to include: old sketches and drawings, drawings they missed because they weren’t patrons that time. It’s a good opportunity to get you fav drawings if you missed them. They asked me to share photos and recaps of my travel, I will try to d my best!‬

‪It’s our first time flying there and we are excited about it. We will meet some friends and we will attend one of the last tapings of The Big Bang Theory (I think it’s the 6th before ending?). Wow I still can’t believe it. I have no words to describe my feelings right now. Can’t wait for the day to arrive! Once in a lifetime experience!‬

‪I would love to do a live session tomorrow so I can talk with you before I go, but I’m not sure I will have time! We are a little stressed preparing everything we need before we go.‬

‪I just wanted to share our excitement with you! 1 WEEK TO GO!!!‬

‪Love from Lluís and Regina‬

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