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Never give up!! 

Never give up!! 

Hey, I drew a little comic!

What I wanted to happen on last tbbt episode. They can’t just give up on THIS! Waiting to see what the writers do with this storyline. I still have hope they will be enough stubborn to disprove the Russian theory with their own.

Apologies in advance in case of typos or grammar mistakes, I’m not english native and I finished it today, edited it and BOUM: published, so who knows what I did here LOL.

Do you like this? I’m so proud of it! I worked all weekend on it!

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Let’s find out together (October 2017)

Let’s find out together (October 2017)

Talking about more special kisses, what about this one? Timelapse on

Preparing new drawings on

Thanks for your support and love! Enjoy the new episode!

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Shamy cheek kiss (December 2017) – Fast Video …

Shamy cheek kiss (December 2017) – Fast Video timelapse and original sketch posted on

Something you normally don’t see it’s my fist sketch of the drawings. Well, my patrons do, the rest don’t. Sharing the sketch of this one today, enjoy it (check instagram!)

Sometimes I like more the sketch! what about you? Sketch or final drawing? Which you like the most?

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Amy’s payback! Just published chapter 3 of “Po…

Amy’s payback! Just published chapter 3 of “Points” on ff

Last chapter!!! Let me a review on ff if you enjoy my stories!! I love to read your thoughts! Remember this is a M-rated fanfiction! 🚨

*evil laughs* I laughed a lot drawing this! Swipe for a close up! Enjoy!



‪Shamy as Howardette VS Howardette as Shamy LMAO‬

‪Partially based on yesterday’s episode. I DIDN’T WATCH THE EPISODE YET! But this idea was simply too funny to not draw it.‬

‪So as I saw Sheldon and Amy dressed as Howard and Bernadette this morning, and I already saw Howard as Sheldon days ago… I thought why not drawing both pairings? I really don’t know and I suspect Bernadette never dresses as Amy, I will see it tonight (don’t tell me PLEASE)‬

‪So yes, I spend all my morning doing this silly composition (quick, as I can’t use my laptop today), and the drawings… it was so much fun and also so difficult! I use hair a lot to make the difference between characters, it’s easier when you draw more simplified to use the hair that way, so changing hair means I need to use other facial characteristics to make the difference, and it’s not easy when you draw with this kind of style.‬

‪Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the episode, I plan to enjoy it tonight and laugh a lot.‬

‪Have a nice #fanartfriday‬ ‪🌟‬ ‪‪‬



‪‪‪ ‬‬‬



Regina rgbcn on Instagram: “‪Shamy Ring kiss -…

Regina rgbcn on Instagram: “‪Shamy Ring kiss – Fast timelapse. Swipe to see the drawing again.‬ ‪Curious of how I work with my drawings? Lots of timelapses coming up…”:

Hey! Check the timelapse of this drawing on my

Enjoy the process!

Sketch (2016) vs Finished (2018)

Sketch (2016) vs Finished (2018)

Remember my superheroes drawing? as I explained in my original post (in case someone reads), the original sketches are from 2016, and until now I wasn’t able to spend almost an entire month drawing the final version. My style changed since then, the sketches were done quite fast anyway, but I’m really happy how the final version looks like now. I have a more defined style I guess, what do you think? Sometimes I have different styles and I jump between them lol.

Hope it’s funny to see the difference now. Notice raj was super fabulous showing his butt to the public LMAO.

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Have a nice Sunday



🎉 Enjoy the premiere today! MY BODY IS READY!

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Happy Star Trek day! New drawing! Shamy as Spo…

Happy Star Trek day! 

New drawing! Shamy as Spock and Uhura (from the new movies!) Swipe to see the full drawing.

Kind of a new version of the drawing I did 2 years ago (check my stories to see it, @aprilinparisfanfic posted it yesterday, as it’s related to her star trek themed fanfiction).

I need to thank @rom4n16 as well for reminding me about this day or I would not have enough time to do this drawing!)

Hope you like it! if you did, give me some love and maybe a comment!!

Live long and prosper! 🖖🏻

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“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

1rst drawing is a giveaway for @stellina2a I did on January 2018 + the silly sequence is something I sketched on November 2016, after 10×8 was aired. LOL

We all thought about this alternative RIGHT? *fans herself*. Sorry really old sketches, but they makes me laugh, I hope I made you laugh as well.

Have a good Sunday