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Shamy Addams (October 2017)- timelapse on my🌹

I always wanted to see Shamy cosplaying Gómez and Morticia (I love them so much!). Come on, now you want to see Sheldon with a moustache, do you?? 🤣

Sad to know we will not see it, but hey, I drew it for 2017 Halloween, so enjoy it again! I’ve seen that there will be a new Addams family animated movie? Hell yeah, I want to watch it!

And it’s Wednesday, so…. Have a terrific day!

Btw, yeah, I used to draw my digitals in BW and color them afterwards. I don’t work like this anymore, but it’s a great technique. Oh, and the original timelapse is 10 min duration, but I accelerated to make it fit in 1 minute. Remember you can have access to how I work on patreon, including timelapses and PSDs.  Thanks for helping me in my artistic journey.



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YOU ARE FROGS! 🐸 I mean… FRAUDS! 🤣 GO AMY! my hero!

Based on the original scene from 12×18 BUT changed to explain a fun fact about me watching this episode at the 12×19 taping.

Yes, I understood frogs instead of frauds. You can laugh at me, it’s fine. I’m not native english! I knew I didn’t understand it well, but I didn’t get the word inside the studio, so after the taping, I was having dinner with my friends and talking about this scene (which I loved), they pointed me out the correct word. Hilarious.

It was too funny not to do a FROGS version of the original scene. *Evil lauhgs* I’m still laughing.

Enjoy this silly comic. It took me all weekend to do it. But I had so much fun!

Amy is my hero! Do you want to know more about this scene, how @missmayim had to prepare and her struggles? go to read @groknation ’s article about it!

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Aquarium (September 2016)

Still one of my favourites I did from this episode, can’t believe it was on 2016, how time flies.

Enjoy it again!

Taping night again? I’m still amazed that last week I was there. To the ones that goes today, have fun!!! I have my best friend going today, hope she can go in!!

Lots of love from San Francisco, Regina



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‪I have too many things to explain but I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a little summary of my 12/03/2019 taping experience (no spoilers!!). (Sorry for my tired and exhausted face and for not looking at the right camera lol, I’m a disaster.)‬

‪First of all, the taping was AMAZING!! It was so interesting to see how they work and see all the people involved in this!! I have a great time and the unique opportunity to go to the stage after the taping!!!! WOW!!‬

‪Mayim, Melissa THANK YOU! You were so sweet to me, I’m about to cry now just remembering how amazing was to meet you both. Thanks for taking time to talk with us and for the pics! and the hugs! and the smiles!! Seriously so happy for this! 💕 ‬

‪I got to meet oscar winner Regina King!! She was so sweet!! I told her my name is Regina too and I got to take a pic with her. Thanks Regina!!!! A real queen! 😉‬

‪The whole Joe’s family was there!! it was a great coincidence!! a pleasure to meet them!!!‬

‪Thank you Mark Sweet for letting me show my portraits to the audience!!! I showed my original portraits quickly to the audience and the crew in the stage and it was amazing their response!! I got a signed print and lots of chocolates hehe, you are the best!! ‬

‪Oh! that pencil…Melissa sneaked me that pencil from Sheldon’s desk shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone 🤣 She is the funniest.‬

‪And finally, Thanks to my friend Johnny for making this possible and for being so kind with us!!! You are amazing!!!‬

‪Enjoy my pictures, me and lluis awkwardly posing around! Please don’t repost my pics without my permission.‬

Knowledge is power!  #InternationalWomensDay (drawing from March 2018)

Hi from Los Angeles!! I didn’t want to finish the day without reposting this!! As I’ve been traveling, I couldn’t prepare a new drawing but… can you believe it’s been a year since THIS happened? below the post @missmayim did to announce @groknation new design with my special version of this drawing.

Long story short, for the ones who weren’t with me then, I was injuried for half a year of my hand/arm/shoulder/neck back then. It was painful to draw and I started drawing with my left hand (I’m right handed). I did this drawing 90% with my left hand, it took me longer than usual, but I did it!! Never give up on your goals, but also, take care of yourself and your health (don’t do like me lol).

I had this drawing for 2018 women’s day, but I did a special version of it for Mayim. She posted first! hehe It was amazing but it was super hard not to say anything to anyone about what I was preparing 😆

Enjoy it again, It’s still 8th of March here in LA. The flight was good, thanks for all your best wishes on my trip. It’s a dream to be here!

I’m too tired to continue writing, jet lag is already kicking hard.

TOMORROW!!! Next stop, Los Angeles!!!

In case you don’t know (even if I’m persistently repeating myself all the time lol) I’m flying to USA!!

I will be attending next taping of The Big Bang Theory and I’m super excited about it!! And when I say excited is REALLY excited. ISN’T IT EXCITING?? (read with Bernadette voice + dogs howling)

I just finished this comic but I’m still packing 😱 Exhausted and tired now… but I need to continue.

Enjoy this silly comic to announce (again) that I’m going to be traveling during 18 days. I will be reposting some drawings meanwhile, maybe not everyday, depending on my schedule and connection. Maybe some pics about the trip as a lot of you asked me about it, maybe a new drawing if I have the time to draw… who knows!

Oh! and enjoy the new episode, I’ll be watching it after my trip!

See you soon!!


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The One Night Stand Bewilderment (April 2017) 💕 Commission for Shamybabboos fanfiction (on ff) 

Read the fanfiction here: —>

Almost 2 years since this drawing wow! Thanks @raeleahreads for trusting me to draw this, a real pleasure to do it. The expressions and details were so much fun to draw. I tried to set and atmosphere like the one in the fic, when they meet for the first time. Remember, it’s and AU!

PLEASE don’t not repost my commissions, thanks.

Super nervous for my trip! 2 days to go!! Have a nice day!


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Fast timelpase of how I did this Silly shamy for my bestie @shamyartzzs (October 2018) on my instagram! Go to check it!

Are they playing a game? Are they changing a light bulb? Are they at Neil Diamond concert? You choose! What do you think they are doing?

Complete (and slower) timelapses, HQ drawings  and process drawings of my monthly artworks are available supporting my art on patreon! Join me!


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