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“Believe me, you will” #bigbangtheory #shamy #fanfiction #comic ??? —> Read, like, review!! Let me know your thoughts!

The comic scene I drew that pushed me to write my last fic. Vixen warning ? nsfw / sin closet warning! ?

I think I changed the quote in my fic, In fact, the full quote I used here is from tumblr (sorry forgot the source!)

Posting the whole drawing on tumblr now, give me some minutes! Start calling the ambulances. I think some of you will need them.

Remember I draw and write about fictional characters, just for fun, and #forscience *wink wink*

If you like my drawings and content and you want me to do more comics, consider to join me on Patreon (link in bio) so I will be able to do more in the future! Thanks to all. Enjoy!

Have a nice Sunday!

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Hey! I posted another #bigbangtheory #shamy #fanfiction ? —> Read, like, review!! Let me know your thoughts!

And soon…. visuals!!! My patrons have already the comic and the whole cover drawing, and they loved it. I hope you too. Stay tuned, I will publish on tumblr. It contains mature content, as the fic too. Remember I draw and write about fictional characters, just for fun, and #forscience (you know what I mean, sin closet fandom). Just have it in mind before reading or checking my tumblr fanart.

This is already my 5th fanfiction OMG! And this is just possible thanks to all my friends who encouraged me to try to write something by my own. I never thought I will be able to do a short a story, not even a paragraph without confusing you all with my ideas. (Note: I can write a lot, I talk a lot, but writing was never my thing.) I like to put in images what I’m not able to express with words. But I tried. And really, the love I received in each one of my fics, makes me so so happy. Love your reviews!!!!

I had so much fun writing all this stories, even struggling A LOT to do it. Remember I’m spanish, english is not my native language, and I’m so lucky to have @the_silence_keeper (thesilencekeeper on ff) as my beta to help me to clean the mess I do while writing.

Remember my patrons have all the exclusive drawings first on my Patreon page, including the fanfiction ones. If you really like my art and stories, I will appreciate a lot if you join me there. the link is always in my bio and my DM is always open if you have questions. Thanks to my dear patrons for always supporting my art and with that, also my writing.

I’m working today again, and I have pain in my back and neck. I will skip again the live session. I miss my pencil squad and all the talks we do on my sessions. You guys are the best and I always laugh a lot with you. Soon ok? I will let you know.

Have a nice Saturday!

#rgbcn #jimparsons #missmayim #mayimbialik #amyfarrahfowler #sheldoncooper #art #sketch #pencil #pencildrawing
#thebigbangtheory #sexy #tbbt #cover #draw #drawing #couple #fun #mrated #fanfic #story