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Happy Birthday Simon Helberg 🎉 New pencil por…

Happy Birthday Simon Helberg 🎉 New pencil portrait to celebrate!!

Simon is seriously one of my favs, he always makes me laugh a lot. As you know, it was a long time not drawing pencil portraits until my last Kaley Cuoco one, so it was a pleasure and a struggle at the same time!! And you know who is next birthday right? I have another portrait prepared already!! check my patreon to see it.

Hope you like it!! Give me some feedback if you enjoy my work!! Thanks a lot!


HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Original and prints —>

Happy Birthday @kaleycuoco 🎉

Happy Birthday @kaleycuoco 🎉

As every year, here’s a portrait to celebrate it! I challenged myself to get back to pencil portraits.

Hope you like it! With love, Regina

‪Mayim Bialik pencil portrait (2016)‬ ‪Who re…

‪Mayim Bialik pencil portrait (2016)‬

‪Who remembers this one? I drew it for @missmayim ’s birthday 2 years ago. How time flies! It was my avatar for some time and people thought I was Mayim LMAO.‬
‪The timelapse is still on my youtube channel, and somewhere on my timeline. Also on Mayim’s one, she reposted my video for fanart friday looooooong ago.‬

‪Kaley, Simon and Mayim birthdays are coming. I decided to prepare something for each one because I’m stubborn.‬

‪Curious about it? Posting it all on‬

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Ahhhh thank you so much Jessica!!!! @jessicar…

Ahhhh thank you so much Jessica!!!! @jessicaradloff14 (IG) / @JRadloff (twitter) and @glamourmag 💕 #bigbangtheory #glamour #jessicaradloff

You letter made me cry! You are so sweet! You didn’t have to!! I’m so happy you are enjoying the drawing I did for you! It was super fun and knowing it’s still in your office door makes me so happy! The cutest superhero reporter to catch the news! hehe

I loved the Glamour Magazines! Bonus, with Daisy Ridley yes yes yes!!! And omg you shinny box with all the @bigbangtheory_cbs goodies!! Loved all all all!!!

THANK you so much!!! I know I already put it on my stories but I wanted to post it too!!

Happy holidays to all of you!! And thanks thanks thanks to all the people who is sending me a lot of presents!!! Jessica’s was not the only one! My friends already sent me lots cookies lots of cute birdie things and postcards!!!! Love love love all!!

Ok now I’m crying. You all are too sweet!!!

*Later my normal post, with some shamy love and a bonus*

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