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Bernie & Valentino 🐰♥️

A cute sketch to start the week. I improvised this today, in Melissa’s appreciation, she is the sweetest, for real, believe me. Thanks for all these years playing Bernadette. We already miss her. I love her cute side and her bossy she-hulk side (hilarious mix).

Thanks for being so nice with me and my art. I appreciate it so much, you know that already. ♥️

I don’t draw Bernie enough, I have different sketches of her and Valentino de rabbit from long time ago, It was time to draw a new one.

Oh, Melissa is in a new movie called Ode of Joy, did you watch it already? I’m always late watching movies (I still need to see endgame lol), but if you have the chance, go and see it and send her some love later.

Enjoy your Monday, hoping some cuteness helps to have a better week!

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