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YOU ARE FROGS! 🐸 I mean… FRAUDS! 🤣 GO AMY! my hero!

Based on the original scene from 12×18 BUT changed to explain a fun fact about me watching this episode at the 12×19 taping.

Yes, I understood frogs instead of frauds. You can laugh at me, it’s fine. I’m not native english! I knew I didn’t understand it well, but I didn’t get the word inside the studio, so after the taping, I was having dinner with my friends and talking about this scene (which I loved), they pointed me out the correct word. Hilarious.

It was too funny not to do a FROGS version of the original scene. *Evil lauhgs* I’m still laughing.

Enjoy this silly comic. It took me all weekend to do it. But I had so much fun!

Amy is my hero! Do you want to know more about this scene, how @missmayim had to prepare and her struggles? go to read @groknation ’s article about it!

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Talking about work success…maybe not a good idea LOL

Just a little extract from the 11×02. I loved Bernadette and Amy talking about their work! Finally! Did you read @jessicaradloff14 @glamourmag article about this?

Bernadette: “I guess that’s one of the benefits of being in the private sector. That, and all the money I make!”
Amy: “Yeah, you’ve got that. I’ve got my integrity. Hard to say which one is better without making you feel bad. I may not be making as much money as you, but at least I’m doing something that I know makes people’s lives better.”

— I did this sketch between work calls, I didn’t remember the clothes they had in that scene, so I invented it.

Have a good week! Mine is full of work… but I promise to draw everynight! Enjoy today’s episode!


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