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‪Majim selfie ♥️ You already know how much I love Mayim and Jim together! So when I saw yesterday’s selfie (thanks Mayim for the pic!!) I had to draw it!! I was already on my ipad so this time I did it in digital. A weird style maybe? But I didn’t want it too realistic, just something to have fun.‬

‪Every time I see a selfie like this I want to draw it, sometimes I have the time, sometimes not, but love them all and I hope we have more pics before the rest of the tapings ends. And lots of behind the scenes! Did you see JRB’s post yesterday? And Melissa’s stories? And Kaley’s post with all the stand actors/actresses of each main character? I love to see all of thissss💕‬

Please Mayim and Jim, never stop posting Majim selfies!! We love them!!!!!‬ ‪

‪Enjoy the taping today!! ‬

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Mayim and Addie (before she adopted her!). Repost from May 2016. As I want to join  #sideprofileselfie I wanted to draw her last profile selfie, but I can’t so reposting this one instead. Go to my instagram and swipe, there’s a photo of my profile too (sorry it’s old). I don’t have a lot of selfies to be honest, you can check my personal account @rginamt

missmayim wrote:

“I’m loving this #sideprofileselfie trend! I’m sharing my Roman nose in solidarity. Lets keep this up! Thanks to @radhikasanghani for starting this movement to end the prominent 👃 taboo.”

I’ve been insulted for my nose, body and corporal hair all my life (Thanks people for making me hate my body *sarcasm*).

Btw, I remember drawing Addie and I thought “this cat seems petrified!” And later we learnt all her story. Ah! and this pic is from Mayim’s Girling up tour.

Sorry, my mind is still thinking on the mess I have in my code right now, I need to refactor some stuff I did, so back to work. Have fun and be happy!