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Episode 39 — The Big Bang Theory + “The Left and Right Brain Dichotomy”:

I recommend you to listen to this podcast, by Ali. Thanks Ali for your mention of my artworks!! I l blushed so much *shy shy*

She is a writer, I’m sure you remember her As Angelic Guardian on FF , and here she shares her experience on the 276 live taping, her favorite moments on the show and her thoughts about the finale. 

She also reads a small part of this fanfiction, that I need to reread but I read loooong ago

If you listen let her know on her site,  IG or twitter

The One Night Stand Bewilderment (April 2017) 💕 Commission for Shamybabboos fanfiction (on ff) 

Read the fanfiction here: —>

Almost 2 years since this drawing wow! Thanks @raeleahreads for trusting me to draw this, a real pleasure to do it. The expressions and details were so much fun to draw. I tried to set and atmosphere like the one in the fic, when they meet for the first time. Remember, it’s and AU!

PLEASE don’t not repost my commissions, thanks.

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May the 4th (Bonus), a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

“MAY THE 4TH (BONUS)“ I just posted a sequel to my story “May the 4th” on ff! Read it here

🚨 Shamy – M rated! You asked me to write it, hope you enjoy it! Leave me a review!

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A few @nerdforestgirl little stories are coming back to my dash and it’s great because some are old and I was not here when she wrote them. Thanks to people who reblogs them again!!

I had some butterflies in my stomach reading them now. So many feelings!!

And to think that we are here now: 


reviewing the last chapter of my fanfic. Posting a sneak peek soon 🙊

Girls’ night Chapter 2, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

In case you missed, posted yesterday night! Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts on a review!!!

Fanfic: Girls’ night, Big Bang Theory | FanFiction:

In case you missed it, I have a new fanfiction! Read it here and let me know your thoughts in the reviews!

Hey! today a drawing based on a fic!!! woooohhhoo

And about Sheldon discovering super symmetry theories thanks to Amy (and she doesn’t know she is helping first) you really need to read this fic from 2014 by Hazelra7, one of my fav authors. And seriously, read her fics, like and review. The chapter is this one:

I had to find it after the finale!