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Just checked all my shamy “meeting” drawings, aka shower drawings

Ok, I may have a problem

Do you remember all of them?

mayim-fangirl: I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgb…


I love these so much ! ♥♥ @rgbcn Thank you!! 🎨😄


Thank you so much!!!! Love these so much (I have them both too) 


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Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

Happy Birthday Jim Parsons 🎉

I’m really sad not to be able to post a new drawing for today, these ones are from last year’s birthday (March 2017) and from December 2016.

Because of my injury, I couldn’t draw a new one for today, so enjoy my best portraits of Jim for today. I have to say, I tried to draw a digital portrait of him with my left hand, but I wasn’t able to dominate my hand enough. It’s different from me to do lines for comic drawing than a realistic pictoric portrait. So I had to gave up. But I tried! my patrons are witnesses of that failure haha.

Anyway, As soon as I recover, I will do a new one, but I need time. Since then, happy birthday to Jim.

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngs…

Did you swatch the #paleyfest panel of @youngsheldoncbs ? Check close ups on

I still need to watch it! Still busy with work! Did you watch it? How was it??

I asked you if you want me to do a chibi version of them, and some of you said yes! 😍

Enjoy again the drawing I did for the premiere of the show! I loved to draw them so much! so funny!

The One Night Stand Bewilderment 💕 Based on S…

The One Night Stand Bewilderment 💕 Based on Shamybabboos fanfiction (on ff)

Soon it will be 1 year that I did this commission and I loved so much to do it! Plus the story was amazing! Read it here: —>

Thanks for trusting me to draw this, a real pleasure to do it. The expressions and details were so much fun to draw. I tried to set and atmosphere like the one in the fic, when they meet for the first time. Remember, it’s and AU!

This is the latest commission I did back then (April 2017). Remember my commissions are closed, but you can win one of my monthly contests on and I will draw whatever you want! Check the link in my bio.

Have a nice day!!

some close up! –>

“Theories” – Bonus chapter 🚨🚨🚨

“Theories” – Bonus chapter 🚨🚨🚨

read the fanfiction here: –>

I promised you a sin closet drawing based on my fanfiction. So here you have it!

Do I need to remember you that is a M-rated fanfiction? Proceed at your own will. THANKS for al the love in my stories. Your reviews are amazing. I’m glad I made you laugh with them. And blush 🙈

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I hope you like my drawing! It’s another of my mix of left hand and right hand, more left that right.

Full drawing below (warning for nsfw) 

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Theories Chapter 2: Bonus: Shamy POV, a big ba…

Theories Chapter 2: Bonus: Shamy POV, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

BONUS CHAPTER (Shamy POV) of my fanfiction “Theories” IS ALREADY POSTED!!!–>

Please like and review it, I LOVE to read your thoughts!! Friendly reminder that is an M-Rated fic. Drawings coming soon!!! Sketch already on

REPOST: Shamy Disneyland proposal (Commission …

REPOST: Shamy Disneyland proposal (Commission 2017) 💕 Based on @nerdforestgirl fanfiction 

Can you believe it’s already 1 year I did this one?? I had so much fun and sweet feelings drawing Sheldon proposing to Amy in front of Snow White’s Wishing Well from Disneyland, as the author described on her story. I hope you like it!

Read the fic here, it’s really sweet!

Commissions are closed now, I don’t have time! But thanks everybody who trusted me with their ideas.

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I still need to watch yesterday’s episode!! Can’t wait!! *Shamy feelings*

ANIME TBBT (2017) —> One of my bonus for to…

ANIME TBBT (2017) —> One of my bonus for tomorrow rewards on

Girls from February 2017 and Boys from May 2017. I want an anime of tbbt soooo bad. And I want to do a comic book myself. Can I do that? Can I can I???

Imagine a manga of them, imagine fanfictions illustrated! omg I want to do it all.

Do you want me to do it???????  LOL, I would need to quit my job for that, I don’t have enough time. But it’s one of my goals!!!

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Theories, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFictio…

Theories, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

Direct link to my new fanfiction. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts in the reviews! 🙈 Shamy focused but all the gang involved!