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Me drawing —> Cute fanart VS Sin closet fanart #truestoryrgbcn 🤣

Yes, it’s time for a true story! @lluisgerard can tell you, this is 100% accurate. I’m always showing him all my drawings, even when he doesn’t want to see them. Except my nsfw fanart, then I hide it from him 🤣🤣 But he tries to peek anyway, and I have to shoo him out #truestory Yes I’m that SHY!

He can’t complain tho, he have access to my discord channel, he can sneak peek there 🙈

Have a fun Friday! Hoping these little stories makes you laugh!


**Please don’t use, edit or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**



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ahhhhh 62 patrons today!! I’m so happy! Can’t believe it!!!

Btw I updated my bio there to add the link of how to join my discord channel only for patrons, where I post my sin closet drawings.

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Drawing nsfw shamy stuff. Remember I can’t post here anymore, so whoever is interested, can join my patreon and get access to my discord. Posting all new drawings there.

Amy’s Train fantasy (drawings from February 2017) LMAO,  I forgot about this comic I did.

Amy: *censured daydreaming*

Sheldon: GPS says we’ll be at the railway in three hours.

Amy: I can get us there in two. *accelerates*


Amy: *ignores and goes faster*

I laughed so much drawing this back then. If you want to see the complete comic, I reposted recently on my patreon discord channel. M-rated, so can’t post it here lol.

So here’s my first vignette and last vignette *evil laughs* the rest is up to your imagination, or check my comic!! 🙈🔥😏🚨🚑

Happy thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Amy’s fantasies! LOLOLO

Posted lots of wip on patreon.

And a new sin closet drawing on my discord 🚑🚨

Finished writing the bonus chapter of my fanfiction “theories” woohoo. And I started a 🚨🚨 sketch about it! Curious? Be the first to check it here —>

“Hands off the Merchandise”…. my version

A sweet-kind-of-sin-closet-drawing for you today! Becasue Amy’s birthday is here! And Halley’s!!

BONUS: “Hands off the merchandise”!!!! Let me know if you liked the extra LOL

btw, I did this drawing listening “Contigo aprendí” song of Luís Miguel. The lyrics, if you can, listen to them.

Enjoy today’s episodes!! #forscience !! Can’t wait to see what happens!!! I’m not spoiled!! Going off until I can watch it!!

Happy #coitusanniversary. Can I have an scene like this today? thanks.

Full drawing below, bonus below (it’s not exactly a drawing that needs a keep reading, but well, I have the tradition to do it, so…)


Original drawing: I made it before the 11×10. It was just a sweet moment, listening to a romantic song.

BONUS: Ok, after the 11×10 I digitally added the letters. What if after the city hall Sheldon found a place to do the matching t-shirts for them AND some underwear too? Of course he have the same one LMAO

Ok, hope it makes you laugh a little. Enjoy the episode!

I did a version of “Hands off the merchandise” from a drawing I have (Posted only on Patreon). Lol I’m still laughing.


*evil laughs*

Started this sketch on a live session and you all asked me to do Sheldon shirtless, so I did, and a little more. Hoping with this post to cheer a little the Shamy fandom, that I know is feeling a little down lately. Hoping to make my friends smile! Love you fandom, I will be not here without you all.

Have a good Sunday.

Enjoy it!

Private live stream was really cool

Thanks to my Patrons for sharing this time with me

And the Shamy drawing is so intimate. I love to do this kind of drawings

check it here the drawing!