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‪Hey! My portraits, Lluís and I (in this order) we arrived safe to London. 🤣 We are super tired and exhausted, but it’s nice to be at home again. Still with jet lag!‬

‪These are the original pencil portraits I had with me the taping day I attended, to show them to the audience. I wanted to give them to whoever cast I met in case I had the chance to meet anyone, but when I was there I just forgot about it, I was too nervous and they were too busy anyway. But I’m so glad the audience and crew enjoyed them! These portraits were made from 2016 to 2018 and I hope I will be able to do some more soon!‬

‪Going to continue unpacking, going slow today, we are really useless 🤣‬

‪I still have some pics and videos to show you, from the taping day and from my trip, give me more time and I will edit them and prepare some more stories and posts. Sorry for extending this in time, I don’t want to bore you with them but I seriously didn’t have time during my trip to spend time at my laptop or social accounts.‬

‪Have a nice day! Enjoy them again!‬

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‪I have too many things to explain but I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a little summary of my 12/03/2019 taping experience (no spoilers!!). (Sorry for my tired and exhausted face and for not looking at the right camera lol, I’m a disaster.)‬

‪First of all, the taping was AMAZING!! It was so interesting to see how they work and see all the people involved in this!! I have a great time and the unique opportunity to go to the stage after the taping!!!! WOW!!‬

‪Mayim, Melissa THANK YOU! You were so sweet to me, I’m about to cry now just remembering how amazing was to meet you both. Thanks for taking time to talk with us and for the pics! and the hugs! and the smiles!! Seriously so happy for this! 💕 ‬

‪I got to meet oscar winner Regina King!! She was so sweet!! I told her my name is Regina too and I got to take a pic with her. Thanks Regina!!!! A real queen! 😉‬

‪The whole Joe’s family was there!! it was a great coincidence!! a pleasure to meet them!!!‬

‪Thank you Mark Sweet for letting me show my portraits to the audience!!! I showed my original portraits quickly to the audience and the crew in the stage and it was amazing their response!! I got a signed print and lots of chocolates hehe, you are the best!! ‬

‪Oh! that pencil…Melissa sneaked me that pencil from Sheldon’s desk shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone 🤣 She is the funniest.‬

‪And finally, Thanks to my friend Johnny for making this possible and for being so kind with us!!! You are amazing!!!‬

‪Enjoy my pictures, me and lluis awkwardly posing around! Please don’t repost my pics without my permission.‬

‪1 WEEK LEFT!! Hey there, Lluís and Regina here 🤓👋 Please read below for some announcements:‬

‪In case you don’t know, next Friday we will be flying to Los Angeles! We are so excited, overwhelmed, nervous and impatient to go! So many things to prepare for the trip! We are a little stressed lol.‬

‪For this reason, I’ll be reposting more old drawings. I’m preparing some reposts for the time we will be staying in USA. I will not be posting new drawings during a few weeks, I hope you understand! In case I draw something new, I will post, but can’t promise I will have time to draw, as we will be travelling and visiting new places! Do you want me to post some pics of my travel as well? Let me know.‬

‪For my patrons during March, I will prepare my new drawings + a bonus recap of all the drawings they are asking me to include: old sketches and drawings, drawings they missed because they weren’t patrons that time. It’s a good opportunity to get you fav drawings if you missed them. They asked me to share photos and recaps of my travel, I will try to d my best!‬

‪It’s our first time flying there and we are excited about it. We will meet some friends and we will attend one of the last tapings of The Big Bang Theory (I think it’s the 6th before ending?). Wow I still can’t believe it. I have no words to describe my feelings right now. Can’t wait for the day to arrive! Once in a lifetime experience!‬

‪I would love to do a live session tomorrow so I can talk with you before I go, but I’m not sure I will have time! We are a little stressed preparing everything we need before we go.‬

‪I just wanted to share our excitement with you! 1 WEEK TO GO!!!‬

‪Love from Lluís and Regina‬

‪Support my art —>‬

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