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Peoples Choice Awards 2018

Peoples Choice Awards 2018:



Posted lots of wip on patreon.

And a new sin closet drawing on my discord 🚑🚨

Happy Star Trek day! New drawing! Shamy as Spo…

Happy Star Trek day! 

New drawing! Shamy as Spock and Uhura (from the new movies!) Swipe to see the full drawing.

Kind of a new version of the drawing I did 2 years ago (check my stories to see it, @aprilinparisfanfic posted it yesterday, as it’s related to her star trek themed fanfiction).

I need to thank @rom4n16 as well for reminding me about this day or I would not have enough time to do this drawing!)

Hope you like it! if you did, give me some love and maybe a comment!!

Live long and prosper! 🖖🏻

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May the 4th, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFic…

May the 4th, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction:

I wrote a story! Like and review if you like it!!! 

“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

“Well, Hello” 😏 BONUS BELOW (old sketches!)

1rst drawing is a giveaway for @stellina2a I did on January 2018 + the silly sequence is something I sketched on November 2016, after 10×8 was aired. LOL

We all thought about this alternative RIGHT? *fans herself*. Sorry really old sketches, but they makes me laugh, I hope I made you laugh as well.

Have a good Sunday



‪Knowledge is Power – Drawing I did for @missmayim when she launched the new @groknation website. Video on

😱 Still not over the fact that Mayim posted this drawing BEFORE ME, they asked me permission to use it for the announcement! A big honour for me! It was so hard to keep the secret from you guys!‬

‪✍️ 90% of this drawing is done with my NON DOMINANT hand, as I was injured back then. I did my best, It took me longer and lot of practise first!

🎥 Join my live session on instagram at 18h London time if you want me to explain how all this happened! I can show you how I drew with my left hand, showing old drawings or even drawing now again! I don’t have practise now with my left hand! But I can try! Remember not to comment spoilers so all my friends can join the live! thanks!‬

‪Have a good Saturday!‬

‪🌟 ‪‬‬‬

Live on instagram today at 18h London time!

join me later! No spoilers please, so all my friends can join! thanks!

2018 vs 2015 😱 I Just redraw a new version of…

2018 vs 2015 😱 I Just redraw a new version of my very first Shamy drawing (2015) Swipe to see it

What I drew vs what I wanted to draw lol

You can notice those were my work notes, it’s where all started!!

Have a good #fanartfriday!





Saying Good-bye to The Big Bang Theory || Mayi…

Saying Good-bye to The Big Bang Theory || Mayim Bialik:

Try not to cry 💔