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To be honest, all these news about Jim ready to leave, I just see drama on it. And even if it’s true, this is not the only reason for the end of the show. Why put all the weight of an expected ending to one person? It was this year or maybe the other, I was always hoping for more, but if that’s it, I plan to enjoy it full, with all of you who wants to enjoy it too, and keep drawing, reading, writing beyond this last season. I know I want to keep creating around them. Because that makes me happy.

Let’s enjoy it together. It will be an epic season, they deserve it, we deserve it.

Shamy wedding timelapse sneak peek! The origin…

Shamy wedding timelapse sneak peek! The original video is 13 min long!

Instead of reposting the drawing again, I thought on showing a little how I did it! Made with @procreate

Season 12 is almost here! They started yesterday and I can’t wait to know more!! 🎉

Thanks for your support! 💕

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