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‪Mayim Pokémon trainer & Psyduck ♥️‬

‪Did you read @groknation ’s article about Mayim loving Detective Pikachu? I didn’t, because it contains movie spoilers BUT LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE to know that Mayim is now a Pokémon fan. I am a Pokémon fan since the Gameboy Blue and Red Pokémon game in 1999 (I had the blue one). And I’ve been always truly obsessed with the Team Rocket (They are my favourites, love my gurl badass Musashi (Jessie)). My home in Barcelona is full of stuffed Pokémon, including a Pikachu and a Meowth bigger than a normal sized cat. ‬

‪Mayim, go to Japan, and please visit the pokémon center. ‬

‪Meanwhile, enjoy a quick version of you in animated Pokémon cartoon style with a Psyduck. *psyyyyyyduck*‬

‪And remember to prepare for trouble, and make it double! 🌹‬

‪An extract of her article: ‬
“I left the theater a changed woman. My first thought —precisely what the creators of Pokémon probably hoped for when they first created it— was that I needed to buy everything with Pokémon on it. I sounded like a crazed 4-year-old as we left the theater and I grilled my kids: “What can I buy? Is there a store? I want a T shirt. I want dolls. I WANT A MAYIM SIZED PIKACHU TO HOLD ME AT NIGHT.” And so on.
I found a new thing I love. I don’t know what will happen now. I kept saying “PsyDuck” as we made our way through a throng of people, at one of the most crowded places to go on Mother’s Day. Again, I would never go to this place, yet something drew me there.
That thing was Pokémon, and I am so thrilled I followed my instinct. I found a new thing at 43. Stay tuned. PsyDuck.”

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