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London—> Barcelona 🚂 We are on our way!

Hey there, just for your information…
we are travelling! Already in Nîmes, France.

Can’t wait to be home, because I need to sleep for a week to recover. I’m beyond exhausted.

Sorry if there’s any typos, I did this fast 😅

See you soon!

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TOMORROW!!! Next stop, Los Angeles!!!

In case you don’t know (even if I’m persistently repeating myself all the time lol) I’m flying to USA!!

I will be attending next taping of The Big Bang Theory and I’m super excited about it!! And when I say excited is REALLY excited. ISN’T IT EXCITING?? (read with Bernadette voice + dogs howling)

I just finished this comic but I’m still packing 😱 Exhausted and tired now… but I need to continue.

Enjoy this silly comic to announce (again) that I’m going to be traveling during 18 days. I will be reposting some drawings meanwhile, maybe not everyday, depending on my schedule and connection. Maybe some pics about the trip as a lot of you asked me about it, maybe a new drawing if I have the time to draw… who knows!

Oh! and enjoy the new episode, I’ll be watching it after my trip!

See you soon!!


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