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TOMORROW!!! Next stop, Los Angeles!!!

In case you don’t know (even if I’m persistently repeating myself all the time lol) I’m flying to USA!!

I will be attending next taping of The Big Bang Theory and I’m super excited about it!! And when I say excited is REALLY excited. ISN’T IT EXCITING?? (read with Bernadette voice + dogs howling)

I just finished this comic but I’m still packing 😱 Exhausted and tired now… but I need to continue.

Enjoy this silly comic to announce (again) that I’m going to be traveling during 18 days. I will be reposting some drawings meanwhile, maybe not everyday, depending on my schedule and connection. Maybe some pics about the trip as a lot of you asked me about it, maybe a new drawing if I have the time to draw… who knows!

Oh! and enjoy the new episode, I’ll be watching it after my trip!

See you soon!!


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The One Night Stand Bewilderment (April 2017) 💕 Commission for Shamybabboos fanfiction (on ff) 

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Almost 2 years since this drawing wow! Thanks @raeleahreads for trusting me to draw this, a real pleasure to do it. The expressions and details were so much fun to draw. I tried to set and atmosphere like the one in the fic, when they meet for the first time. Remember, it’s and AU!

PLEASE don’t not repost my commissions, thanks.

Super nervous for my trip! 2 days to go!! Have a nice day!


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First meeting (repost from May 2018, exactly 8 years after it happened!). All hail the dirty sock! (And Howard and Raj!!). What I can do, I’m nostalgic today! (btw check the last image, the t-shirt superheroes was fun to draw haha)

Preparing my trip back to London! I will be flying tomorrow! So reposting something to say hi and posting again in a few days! See you soon!!

I’m answering your questions on IG stories, ask me or tell me things on my question box there today!! BTW thanks for the lovely messages about me and my art!!!!! *shy shy* Love you!!!




Happy Birthday Simon Helberg 🎉 New pencil portrait to celebrate!!

Simon is seriously one of my favs, he always makes me laugh a lot. As you know, it was a long time not drawing pencil portraits until my last Kaley Cuoco one, so it was a pleasure and a struggle at the same time!! And you know who is next birthday right? I have another portrait prepared already!! check my patreon to see it.

Hope you like it!! Give me some feedback if you enjoy my work!! Thanks a lot!


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