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NEW COMIC!! ♥️ The comic you didn’t know you needed. Filling the void about Sheldon’s reaction to Amy’s change s12x23 “The Change Constant”

That’s my version of what happened and we didn’t get to see!! 🙈

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I spent 30h+ on this, for just 4 black and white pages, that you will read in less than a minute. But I have no regrets, I loved every moment of it. Worth it 100% of my time. Thanks to my patrons for all the support and love, I’m really happy you loved this one ♥️ I’m really proud of it.

Enjoy it, with love, Regina


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Paintball time!! 🎨 

I get it, everyone is emotional now, it’s the last week, the last taping… But hey! New episode today! Sharing this funny drawing to make you laugh!

Drawing from January 2019 — My own version of the teams! Blue vs Red! (or Girls Vs Boys!) SWIPE!!!! Bernadette tricked Howard with kisses and she stole the Red flag! But to be honest, with Penny and Denise as well, the boys didn’t have a chance 🤣

Anu and Raj shoot each other after their fight, and poor Stuart… He is about to pass out 😂 Enjoy it!

The episode was so funny! But I couldn’t help myself and do my version *evil laughs* My fav part? Bernie running “I got the flag! Cover meeeeeeeeee!”

Have a good day!

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‪I have too many things to explain but I don’t have a lot of time, so here’s a little summary of my 12/03/2019 taping experience (no spoilers!!). (Sorry for my tired and exhausted face and for not looking at the right camera lol, I’m a disaster.)‬

‪First of all, the taping was AMAZING!! It was so interesting to see how they work and see all the people involved in this!! I have a great time and the unique opportunity to go to the stage after the taping!!!! WOW!!‬

‪Mayim, Melissa THANK YOU! You were so sweet to me, I’m about to cry now just remembering how amazing was to meet you both. Thanks for taking time to talk with us and for the pics! and the hugs! and the smiles!! Seriously so happy for this! 💕 ‬

‪I got to meet oscar winner Regina King!! She was so sweet!! I told her my name is Regina too and I got to take a pic with her. Thanks Regina!!!! A real queen! 😉‬

‪The whole Joe’s family was there!! it was a great coincidence!! a pleasure to meet them!!!‬

‪Thank you Mark Sweet for letting me show my portraits to the audience!!! I showed my original portraits quickly to the audience and the crew in the stage and it was amazing their response!! I got a signed print and lots of chocolates hehe, you are the best!! ‬

‪Oh! that pencil…Melissa sneaked me that pencil from Sheldon’s desk shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone 🤣 She is the funniest.‬

‪And finally, Thanks to my friend Johnny for making this possible and for being so kind with us!!! You are amazing!!!‬

‪Enjoy my pictures, me and lluis awkwardly posing around! Please don’t repost my pics without my permission.‬

TOMORROW!!! Next stop, Los Angeles!!!

In case you don’t know (even if I’m persistently repeating myself all the time lol) I’m flying to USA!!

I will be attending next taping of The Big Bang Theory and I’m super excited about it!! And when I say excited is REALLY excited. ISN’T IT EXCITING?? (read with Bernadette voice + dogs howling)

I just finished this comic but I’m still packing 😱 Exhausted and tired now… but I need to continue.

Enjoy this silly comic to announce (again) that I’m going to be traveling during 18 days. I will be reposting some drawings meanwhile, maybe not everyday, depending on my schedule and connection. Maybe some pics about the trip as a lot of you asked me about it, maybe a new drawing if I have the time to draw… who knows!

Oh! and enjoy the new episode, I’ll be watching it after my trip!

See you soon!!


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“My fists are not up here because I’m milking a giant invisible cow.” 💪 (November 2017) Timelapse posted on Instagram!

Watching @wilwheaton and Sheldon at Wil’s door again made me remember this giveaway I did 🤣 Soooo funny! I will miss this so much, last episode was super funny. Come on, The guys with Stuart? Hilarious! Leonard trying NOT to tell Penny? LOL The guys trying to find out about the D&D session celebrities LMAO And omg the ladies 🤣 Go Amy! (I’m seriously waiting for a fanfiction about this #jellyshelly LOL )

Fun fact: I’m Bernie, I never watched Magic Mike LOL

Anyway, enjoy this other scene from S6E07, Jelly Shelly related LOL “You insulted my woman. I’m here to defend her honour.” Oh Sheldon! 😆

BTW check Groknation ’s article where you can see via Mayim the insides of Wil Wheaton house set, with lot of cool stuff that belongs to his own home.

Have a good Saturday!



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Fast timelpase of how I did this Silly shamy for my bestie @shamyartzzs (October 2018) on my instagram! Go to check it!

Are they playing a game? Are they changing a light bulb? Are they at Neil Diamond concert? You choose! What do you think they are doing?

Complete (and slower) timelapses, HQ drawings  and process drawings of my monthly artworks are available supporting my art on patreon! Join me!


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First meeting (repost from May 2018, exactly 8 years after it happened!). All hail the dirty sock! (And Howard and Raj!!). What I can do, I’m nostalgic today! (btw check the last image, the t-shirt superheroes was fun to draw haha)

Preparing my trip back to London! I will be flying tomorrow! So reposting something to say hi and posting again in a few days! See you soon!!

I’m answering your questions on IG stories, ask me or tell me things on my question box there today!! BTW thanks for the lovely messages about me and my art!!!!! *shy shy* Love you!!!




Happy New Year dear friends! New comic to start the year! 

I did it all in 1 day!!! OMG!! All afternoon drawing this!!! I did it just to wish you a very good 2019!

I’m like Sheldon though, I really don’t celebrate the new year’s eve… but I hope you had a very good one!

Oh, I love evil Sheldon and his plans to take over the world, and teasing Amy in vixen mode as well…

Have a very good 1st of January 2019!! Thanks for all the love on my work!!

With love, Regina


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The big wedding! 2018 will always be the year Shamy got married! This is my Royal wedding!

Reposting 2 pieces I did inspired on the Shamy Wedding on May 2018, one in digital (I did her dress as better as I could) and the ink one was based on the pile of swans quote from Sheldon *evil laughs* this one was super funny. Still love the ink dress *heart eyes*

Enjoy it again before the year ends!!!

Still super busy at home, I’m doing some cleaning to my old stuff from high school and university. I found a lot of old drawings, check my instagram stories for some old stuff spam!

Have a good day!!






Happy holidays! Sheldon and Amy have a message for you 🎉

I’ve prepared this little comic to wish you a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate, if you celebrate!) ❄️🎄🎁

Sending good vibes to all of you, remember I’m in Barcelona and I’m busy these days with family celebrations and other stuff, I guess some of you too. I will not post all days, but hoping this comic makes you laugh meanwhile! Can you imagine Shamy like this? I do *evil laughs*

Have a great time, take some time for yourself, do whatever it makes you happy!

Greetings from Mataró, Barcelona! 👋

With love, Regina