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Current status #truestoryrgbcn 😷🤧

Yep, That’s us for the last 2 weeks. Still on it. Lluís had a cold, he passed it to me, he caught another one + allergies. My injuries went worse as well and I need expensive treatments every once in a while and to ice my butt and shoulder everyday. Btw the shoulder I need to ice is the other one, I had the drawing inked already #fail.

In summary, we are a mess. Spot the differences with Amy’s birthday. The only difference is that we don’t have stomach ache. 🤣

Can life give us a break? thanks.

Not going live for obvious reasons, nor now or other week. I will announce when that happens.
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My crushes vs real life partner #truestoryrgbcn  🤣

My crushes… Sheldon/Jim Loki/Tom and Ranma omg *fans herself* these are only a few of them LOL. I also have female crushes, gender doesn’t matter! You can laugh at me but you can’t change my mind. But what can I do, no matter how many crushes I have, I love you @lluisgerard ♥️🤣

Do you have any crush? Actors/actresses? Musicians? Fictional characters? Anime? Videogames? Tell me! I want to know!

Have a fun Friday! Join me tomorrow in a instagram live session, see you soon!


**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**


‪TONIGHT! I will be on E4 (UK television) on a #bigbangtheory special!! 😱 ‬Don’t freak out though, it will be just a 15 seconds clip! Now I feel shy 🙈 Can I take it back?

Ok let me explain, I didn’t want to share it before as I wasn’t sure if my clip would be picked. But I recently received and email saying it was!
I was approached by a person from a tv studio who was preparing a TV special for E4 (UK channel) for the TBBT finale day. For what I understood, they asked different fans from UK (they call them superfans) to send them a little video (15 seconds max) talking about what we love from the show, singing soft kitty, showing a tattoo or a drawing or whatever we had/wanted to share. The person who asked me found me on twitter for my drawings.

So I did it! I recorded a little clip, showing one of my drawings, and I sent it! So, seems that tonight I will appear on this special, along with other fans, sharing my love for the show! forgive my awkwardness, my weird english accent and all, I recorded the clip like 32472788463 times and I did a lot of bloopers, for just 15 seconds. Damn!

‪⚛️ The Big Bang Theory of Everything – on E4 after the tbbt finale @e4grams‬
‪“A celebration of everything ‘Big Bang’ related, with comments from famous fans, exclusive behind-the-scenes and red-carpet footage and classic clips from 12 series of the sitcom.”‬

Thanks to Lluís and his equipment for the help! He is the geeky photo/video/sound personal tech guy lol. He is the one who’s learning piano btw.‪ ‬Omg I felt like a youtuber 🤣🤣

If you are in UK and you watch the special after the finale, maybe you catch me there! I will try to watch it somehow, I don’t usually watch tv here 🤣

Have fun!!

‪**Please don’t use or repost my drawings without my permission, thank you.**‬‬‬‬
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Mini TBBT 3/3  Howard Raj and Bernadette ♠️♣️♥️♦️

The golden trio!! And Cinnamon! Howard was doing a trick for his friends (and to impress Bernadette), but oh no! Leonard and Penny just passed them running and Howard lost his trick cards!! 🤣 Raj and Bernie can’t stop laughing at poor Howard!!

And that’s the end of this little series! Hope you like it!!!! Thanks for all your likes and comments!!! It means a lot to me!! This drawing swill be on the December pack on patreon!

REMEMBER I WILL BE LIVE TOMORROW ON INSTAGRAM!! Saturday 22nd December 18h London time. 3 YEARS ON INSTAGRAM! omg! I will be drawing something for you. Still don’t know what but eh, let’s improvise! I also have a new drawing!! Don’t miss it!!!

Happy Friday!!


HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Mini TBBT 2/3  Sheldon and Amy 🚂

Little Sheldon is annoyed that little Leonard and Penny are playing “wrong” and they are too loud and disturbing his lecture about trains to his girl/friend. Little Amy is afraid that her little bestie will be hurt running with flip flops! (see my yesterday’s post).  🤣  Btw, notice Sheldon is on the floor, but he has a cloth so he is not touching the floor LMAO.

NOTE: I know we are all familiar with Young Sheldon now, but this is my version of MY little Sheldon, I didn’t want to make it be like Iain or with the clothes he uses on the show.

Working on the last one for tomorrow! You can guess it’s the golden trio!! And it’s a fun one as well!

Do you like them?? Let me know in the comments!!


HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Fun with Flags! (September 2017)

These are my entries for Mayim’s fanart contest to announce season 11 last year. My Shamy one got to enter in the top 10! That’s why the text on the board is #tbbts11 September 25th.

Reposting as probably a lot of people don’t remember these ones!!! Did you remember them? Tell me in the comments!!!

Do you get the scene right? Shamy is on their FWF show, with footprints on the moon performing! Lenny and Bernie are soooooo happy to be there *sarcasm* 🤣

Enjoy them again! Preparing new drawings!



HQ drawings & video timelapses —>

Original and prints —>

Story 05 by Shamybabboos #shamy #bigbangtheory #fanart #fanfiction

Read the short story here:

From July 2017, this was my drawing for this short fic, it’s a sweet one, read it! I liked the ambiance of the tv in the dark!

This week I’m reposting 7 drawings for 7 sweet stories from amazing writers. Hope you like all the drawings!!


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