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Hi Sheldon ♥️ 🌟 🌟

Silly sketch I did just for fun based on S7E21 hahahaha. And about School uniforms… I did a NSFW version (go to my discord to see it), based on Moulesfrites fanfiction. That was the drawing my patrons suggested and vote in my patreon polls! It’s based in one of the chapters of her fanfiction.

If you are up for a high level M-rated fanfiction, go read it! We are having great conversations on my discord about it right now LOL.
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Reposting some old drawing while I work on new ones! One day I need to do a new version of this!!!!

Girls from February 2017 and Boys from May 2017.

Imagine a AU high school of the big bang theory!! I want an anime of tbbt soooo bad. And I want to do a comic book myself.  Imagine a manga of them, imagine fanfictions illustrated! omg I want to do it all.

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Amy’s payback! Just published chapter 3 of “Points” on ff

Last chapter!!! Let me a review on ff if you enjoy my stories!! I love to read your thoughts! Remember this is a M-rated fanfiction! 🚨

*evil laughs* I laughed a lot drawing this! Swipe for a close up! Enjoy!


Joan & Vera from Wentworth #giveaway #fanart #wentworth

Today a special drawing! This is one of my Patreon Giveaways, the winner asked me about Joan&Vera from the Australian tv show Wentworth. A pleasure and a challenge to draw them, as I’m not familiarised with the show. There was 2 ideas for me to choose, and I really loved both, but the idea of 2 powerful governors with a “I’m proud of myself” smile was strong. So here you go! Hope you like it @milledetails ! The original drawing is already flying to your home! I hope I did justice to the characters!

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