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London – Los Angeles – First USA photo recap!

I only can post 10 pics here so this is only a few of the 9k pics I have from my trip 😱  I posted more on Patreon, and I already posted the taping ones, so here’s just a few more from LA!

I did this sketch in the plane going to LAX, but inked it here in London. I have sketches for all the stops we did during our trip, so, I will post them one day, hoping before the end of the year lol. I’m not the flash editing pics, give me time.

Anyway, here’s just a taste of Los Angeles! Also the fandom friends I met there! Thanks @franymol​ @nerdforestgirl @bigbangenthusiast​ & @kazziemuse​ for your time with us!! It was amazing to meet you all!

My fav place from LA? The Griffith Observatory without a doubt. Amazing place and amazing views! And we love science so…

Have a nice day!

**Please don’t repost my drawings and photos without my permission, thank you.**


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